Delloyd was established in 1984 and was successfully listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia in November 1996.


Automotive Components

Since its inception, the Group has grown to be a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the major car manufacturers and assemblers in Malaysia. Its automotive components segment expanded to Thailand and Indonesia with manufacturing facilities in these two Asean countries.The Group is also involved in the trading and distribution of component parts and accessories for the replacement market (REM) both locally and overseas.

Vehicle Distribution

Delloyd Group's core automotive parts business expanded downstream into the motor vehicles business for the sale and service of Proton range of cars. In March 2008, the Group expanded this segment by venturing into Indonesia for the manufacturing and assembling of bus chassis for the local market there.


The Group's business is also complemented by its interest in the oil palm plantations sector. The plantations are located in Batang Berjuntai, state of Selangor, Malaysia and in Pulau Belitung, Sumatra, Indonesia.

In May 2014, Delloyd Group sought to take private its business and in March 2015 the Group's privatization exercise was successfully completed.