Automotive - Research & Development

rnd1Our comprehensive and state-of-the-art R&D facilities and engineers enable us to transform customers' concepts into finished products, while adhering to international quality standards. We have the capability to birth drawing designs from an idea or concept and develop a prototype and finally transformed into a ‘finished product’.

Our R&D team consists of more than 40 qualified and experienced engineers who have the capability to cover all the elements in the life cycle of Delloyd's products which include the following:

Project Management

Project Management ensures that project development initiative is a technical success, is on time and is professionally cost-managed. Delloyd R&D uses APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) to plan, manage and track all the phases of the product development up to series production.

Product Development

rnd6Product development entails the refinement of ideas into processes and in doing so is able to bring a vast amount of knowledge to any R&D project which in turn enable us to produce a better product in a shorter time and with less expense.

Engineering Design

rnd10Delloyd’s R&D is supported by a range of advance hi-tech equipment with the capability to design development process and adaptable to different types of customer inputs.

We are using Rapid prototyping (Stereolithography & ATOZ 3D Scanner) which grows physical objects directly from 3D CAD data by bonding layers of material. The  process allows intricate details and complex shapes to be manufactured with little effort and no impact on time or cost.

We also use various top of the line software that meet technology demands which include 3DS Catia, 3DS Solidworks Simulation, Geomagic Control, Autodesk Moldflow, Proteus PCB Design and Unigraphics NX.

Our Engineering Design is divided into 2 sections, namely Product Design and Design CAD. Their main functions are:

Product DesignDesign CAD
> Costing
> Design Concept / Planning
> Design Benchmark
> Design Guideline
> Product Technical Feasibility Study
> 3D Design
> 2D Drawing
> CAE Analysis
> Lighting Design / Simulation
> Prototyping
> Drawing Standard & Guideline
> 2D / 3D Data Management
> Design Review / Freeze
> Mold Flow Analysis

Tooling is an integral part of the Delloyd R&D design to ensure cost-effective manufacturing with greater design flexibility, shorter lead time, and increased control over the quality and performance of the final product. The tooling concept includes tool-making approaches that apply additive, subtractive, and pattern-based processes.


Only the best technology is adopted by our R&D team in their day-to-day responsibilities, to ensure that the differing needs of individual customers are constantly achieved, if not surpassed. Only the best technology is adopted by our R&D team in their day-to-day responsibilities, to ensure that the differing needs of individual customers are constantly achieved, if not surpassed. Our Testing division is divided into 2 sections, namely Test Plan and Test Lab. Their main functions are:

Test PlanTest Lab
> New Development Product Testing
> Join Test with Customer
> Customer Spec Study, Review and Summarize
> Test Planning & Management
> Detail Spec Review
> Test Cost Study
> Perform Test In-house
> In-charge External Testing
> Lab Equipment & MC Maintenance
> Test Analysis and Report


Advanced Engineering

Our Advanced Engineering division works on developing electronic automotive products. The main functions are:

> VA / VE
> New Product
> New Technology
> Product Benchmark
> Patent / Design Copyright
> Regulation & Certification
> Database (Material & Standard parts)
> Costing
> Feasibility Study (New Product)


The Power Of Collaboration (Technical Assistance)

In our quest for technological advancement, we have collaborated with technical partners from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Germany to garner cutting edge technology for the manufacture of new products.

With the technical know-how and knowledge put to work in our manufacturing and assembly plants, we are confident and capable to offer technical assistance to others in the automotive parts and components industry.