Automotive - Quality Control
intro_qualityDelloyd is committed to design and manufacture quality products at optimal cost through our continuous pursuit of excellence to meet customer satisfaction.

Quality is key in our business, and to ensure that only high quality products carry the Delloyd name, we are equipped with semi computerized systems and machineries, complemented by the latest range of testing and measurement equipment.

Delloyd’s final products are checked electronically and manually before delivery to customers. All goods are packed and properly sealed accordingly to customer's requirement.


Testing Facilities
We are equipped with top-of-the-range testing facilities to help us test our products in a wide range of temperatures, pressures, endurance, and etc.
Other Tester:
Heat Aging OvenSteel Ball Drop TesterMirror Lens Distortion Jig
Salt Spray TesterRockwell Hardness TesterWear Resistance Endurance Tester
Tensile Strength TesterDAQ Vibration TesterImpact Tester
Water JetMelf Flow Incex (MFI)Bending Tester
Column Switch Endurance TesterPower Window Endurance TesterPower Folding Endurance Tester
Actuator Door Latch Endurance TesterCancel Cam TesterWheel Cover High Speed Turning Tester
Side Turn Endurance TesterHeater Function TesterHeat Resistance Endurance Tester
Detachment Endurance TesterSunvisor Endurance Tester
Quality Inspection

Delloyd Quality Management team conducts in APQP for product quality verification. This activity is to assure the desired product quality during development stage.

Functional Tester

Functional testing of products is performed at the last phase of the production line, as a final quality control to ensure that our products fulfill its functional specifications.
Final Tester
Other Tester:

Column Switch Final TesterGarnish TesterCenter Switch Tester
Cluster Switch TesterPassenger Airbag TesterDoor Switch Tester
Door Latch Auto-lock TesterLatch Actuator TesterL02B Regulator Function Tester